Sachin Hirani

AVP, Portfolio Risk Management
Caspian Impact Investments

Hassle-free interview process! The Student Services team at INSOFE made the hiring process hassle-free. The coordinators helped us in conducting assessment tests and shortlisting candidates, from the long list of capable resources, that matched our requirements.

Sesha Sai S

Director, Healthpointe Solutions

All-in-all it is a professional and trustworthy experience!!! INSOFE has been a one-stop campus for picking up great talent. In the last twelve months, we were able to hire 8 excellent resources. The young talent from INSOFE are two notches above to their contemporary peers. The methodology, approach and concepts gained from INSOFE is helping the individuals to do their job with ease. Special thanks to the placements team.

Manikandan Annadurai

HR Consultant, Marlabs

Thanks for the easy hiring process... Marlabs Innovation found a wide pool of talent here at INSOFE. We hired almost 7 well-trained Data Scientist professionals. The hiring process and the coordination from the team Student Services is fabulous. Marlabs is looking forward to working with INSOFE for the best results.

Abhijay Datta

Associate Director, Novartis

INSOFE Proactive, Quick and Insightful… We worked with INSOFE on some exciting analytics projects. They have been proactive, quick, insightful and also communicated very well. What was most impressive was that they have always been presenting multiple options in front of us to help make decisions.

Tahia Infantes Morris

Staff Engineer, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care

INSOFE's course was interesting and informative, as well as, well organized... In terms of teaching, I appreciated learning about statistics-based analytical methods and when to apply them, as well as, receiving a refresher course on data mining and machine learning techniques. Thanks again.

Sunil Gopinath

Senior Vice President at Rakuten

It was just a phenomenal experience to get up to speed on some of most recent and cutting-edge Deep Learning and ML techniques and their applicability to various business and consumer opportunities. Clearly, compressing 40 years of 11 evolution of DL/ML into 7 days is not for the faint-hearted! Bravo!

Sachin Bansal

Founder, Flipkart

INSOFE’s program on deep learning was excellent and insightful. It was very useful for me and my team. I liked the faculty’s passion and knowledge. I highly recommend it.

Srinivas Muktevi

Head of Data Analytics, Honeywell

INSOFE's program on deep learning is very insightful and extremely useful. The trainers had the right depth of theoretical and practical knowledge and experience. It was very useful for our teams and made us productive instantly. I highly recommend it.

Sriram Moorthy

Director, HP Global Analytics

These sessions exposed the team to concepts using real-world examples. The quality of the training content, impeccable delivery, excellent mentions of key relevant analytics concepts and applications and even just Dr. Murthy's infectious personality is something that cannot be faulted. The little tips were simply fantastic and I found myself sitting through these training myself.

Kalyan Krishna

Senior Analytics Leader, Express

I’ve attended trainings that they’ve put on in the past and it’s really top-notch stuff. You walk away with both conceptual and mathematical understanding of data science techniques, as well as code examples for how to apply them in your work. Highly recommended

Ravi Garikapati

CTO Flipkart

INSOFE's five-day tailored program on AI, ML & Deep Learning with Flipkart Tech Leadership team has further inspired our pursuit of AI First Culture @Flipkart. Sessions were highly interactive and experimented with the latest research work in the academia for real problem statements in the e-commerce domain. Dr. Murthy has done an amazing job demystifying the science behind this great discipline

Mahesh Kumar

Head of Analytics from Leading Retail Store

INSOFE’s intellectual ability was obvious, but we have been most impressed with their uncanny ability to provide context to problems. Our client engagement has been a very positive experience in which INSOFE has met and/or exceeded our expectations. We have subsequently started working with them on a few Data Science projects, and this has also been a positive experience. I would recommend them to any company looking for a strong intellectual Data Science partner.


Head of Data Science, Fortune 1000 Retailer

From day one, INSOFE’s intellectual ability was obvious, but we have been most impressed with their uncanny ability to provide context to problems. I would them recommend to any company looking for a strong intellectual Data Science partner

Ajanta Chatterjee

VP L&D, Vodafone

INSOFE conducted a 2-day Data Sciences / Analytical Thinking workshop for our High Potential employees. The feedback from participants was positive and it was extremely well received. Workshop helped in creating mindset towards analytics i.e., data to insights to actions. We look forward to working with INSOFE again.