Reinvent Your Career

Do you have a powerful product idea in AI/ML/IoT/cloud/Cyber Security?

If you are a successful executive looking to start your entrepreneurial journey, we help you productize your idea and augment your digital transformation.

With our service, you can now apply your industry insights to create an AI-based product proposal for internal and external stakeholders.

Why TuringMinds’ AI as a Service?

We are among the strongest AI organizations in the world

  • Guaranteed IP generation

  • End-to-end, custom services with expert mentoring

  • Risk-free, reliable output with a pay-as-per-deliverable model

  • Scalable, cost and time-efficient product building with little investment

  • Successful frameworks for developing viable AI-driven applications

Did you know?

About 80% never reach deployment, and according to Gartner, those that do are only profitable 60% of the time? With us, you can build comprehensive solutions that minimize the failure of your AI projects drastically. We help you pick the right problems, develop the right processes, and employ the right people to execute the solutions – at almost half the cost!

Here’s how we do it

  • Minimizing cost by using shareable resources

  • Maximizing product potential by building IP

  • Employing truly plug-and-play mechanisms

  • Sharing our world-class expertise

Products we have Built


We helped transform a brilliant AI idea into a powerful product. Intuceo's auto ML tools and BI frameworks has been implemented for Fortune 1000 companies across Healthcare, Fintech, Automotive, Manufacturing.


Dr. Praphul’s ‘Koinearth’ is one of the early start-up products from our ecosystem. A unique enterprise at the intersection of blockchains, machine learning and mechanism design, that offers built-in frameworks for NFT creation.

Our approach

  • Share your product idea

  • Sign an NDA

  • Discussion with our experts to understand the product needs

  • Defining the Minimum Viable Product

  • Project roadmap with clear-cut deliverables

  • Setting up your internal team

  • Pilot Product

  • Launch ready Product

Team Structure

  • Architect

    (Senior Engineer with experience in building product) and Innovator (Ph.D. level faculty)
  • Shared resources of:
    Project Manager, UI/UX recourses

  • Dedicated team of 4 AI/ML engineers

*If the project requires more the team can be doubled (cost adjusted accordingly)


2 Months

Problem discussion, Data set Outlining, Minimum Viable Product Definition, Project Planning, Team Allocation

3.5 Months

A demonstratable first version/pilot to share with investors and potential customers

3.5 Months

Beta-Launch ready product

Commercials and Benefits

Your bandwidth Almost all of your time is spent on non-tech, non-business activities like hiring, maintaining, tracking, and managing - Detracting from the work that matters. Build your innovation with a few pre allocated hours every week. Our experienced researchers and savvy architects are working on the gritty details of your product!
IP and development With demanding deadlines and continual back-and-forth first time IP generation is quite a laborious task. Our highly planned, prompt delivery model generates IP that is guaranteed to give your product certainty and differentiation.
Cost Half a million USD

With at least 50% sunk upfront.

Starts at as low as 6667 USD/month

& payable against delivery!

We help you with Indian and US patent services for an additional fee of       Indian Patent :~3,000 USD      US Patent :~9,670 USD