HR Solutions

TuringMinds provides unprecedented access to our robust network of highly-trained ML and DevoPS engineers in two ways. We provide staff for organizations looking to begin their digital strategy phase and to organizations looking to scale or improve their existing Digital Transformation Framework.

A core competency of TuringMinds is acquiring needed staff and training existing ones in knowledge, skills, and abilities required for Digital Science success. Whether IoT, AI, Python, R, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, or Prescriptive Analytics, or any related topic, depend on TuringMinds to provide the staffing. If you find that skilling the existing workforce is your priority, consider TuringMinds to help provide customized training, and outsourced resources.

Whether it is a single role to fill or 100 positions in the U.S. or abroad, TuringMinds specializes in Digital Sciences human capital for meeting all of your goals.

We offer:

Contract-to-hires: We identify consultants to work on contract opportunities, with the possibility of being hired full-time when the contract ends.

Direct hires: We identify consultants to work for you as permanent staff on day one.

Contract employees: We identify consultants to work on contract opportunities, for short-term or long-term engagements.