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Corporate Training

Our rigorous training services allow companies to innovate and reshape talent to embrace and leverage the immense potential of Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning (AI & ML). Transform your workforce, increase productivity, lower costs and drive revenue with Turing Solutions training programs tailored to your specific business needs. We deliver some of the best data science training in a holistic way, typically a unique combination of in-class and lab sessions. Our classroom structure is designed to provide clients with a highly advanced real-world understanding of AI, ML, and data science applications. We craft training plans for companies of all shapes and sizes and have standard corporate training modules in place for leaders, data science teams, and functional business teams. We also provide training in auxiliary technologies like AI and Blockchain, AI and Robotics, and AI and Cloud.

TuringMinds uses a variety of tools to measure outcomes and ROI from our training. Courses vary in length and can engage engineers, non-technical, leadership and high-potential staff members. Certification is available with many programs.


Cutting-edge Executive Doctorate programs in Business Administration for working professionals.

We have partnered with Golden Gate University to offer a unique doctorate program to support your digital transformation goals. Our programs cater to both individuals seeking to add rocket fuel to their careers and businesses looking to retain top talent and significantly expand their data science department capabilities. We bridge the gap and find the ideal sweet spot between academic excellence and real-world application.

Our professors are world-renowned in not only research but also their curriculum and instructional methods. That is why numerous business leaders, including Fortune 500 C-level executives have taken our courses. Gain from powerful instruction and robust content without sacrificing your career. Every student will have extensive support including a mentor to guide them through the program Network with other movers and shakers in the world of Data Science.The Executive Doctorate in Business Administration is a 3-year executive doctoral program that provides the highest postgraduate qualification without interrupting the careers of our participants.This program is designed for senior managers with extensive professional experience who work on leading their organizations towards digital success.The Executive DBA is a seamless amalgamation of Business Management and Artificial Intelligence where participants will learn applications of AI, strategy development, and resolution of project failure operations.

For Organizations

Sponsor your employees and take advantage of a fantastic opportunity for your future technical leaders to advance their careers while continuing to provide value and solutions to your organization. Our programs are designed so that students can still dedicate much of their time to their current responsibilities while expanding their knowledge and developing tangible solutions for your company.

For Individuals

If you are eager to advance your career in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or Data Science and Analytics, but would like to avoid the constraints of a full-time Ph.D. program, we might have just the program for you. This program is a fully accredited, nationally, and internationally recognized terminal degree from Golden Gate University.

We know it isn’t easy to take the plunge into a post-graduate program while working full-time. That is why this program offers class times to match your schedule in the evenings or weekends and the entire program is completed virtually. So, you can tap into the top Data Science thought-leaders in the world without spending a fortune on travel or the opportunity cost of leaving your current career behind.

Learn More about our Education Programs for Individuals:

DBA in
Digital Strategy

Custom-fit for business leaders; broaden your horizons with this high-impact, part-time program.

DBA in

Designed for working engineers; maintain your current role, expand your skill set exponentially.