Center of Excellence

If you seek to rapidly expand or develop your own Data Science or AI Center of Excellence, you need a partner who can advise, recommend solutions, and efficiently upskill your team. TurinMinds can help accelerate your Data Science Lab progression at every step.

Sponsor your employees and take advantage of a fantastic opportunity for your future technical leaders to advance their careers while continuing to provide value and solutions to your organization. Our programs are designed so that students can still dedicate much of their time to their current responsibilities while expanding their knowledge and developing tangible solutions for your company.

    Whether you’re launching in-house operations from scratch, or expanding on existing capabilities, this program will add depth and breadth to your AI road map. Along with our globally recognized doctoral programs, we offer a number of complementary services to mitigate risk and enhance outcomes. By sponsoring at least 3 key employees, your organization will benefit from meaningful research results as soon as 6-12 months into the program. Each data lab of 3 or more DBA students is guided carefully to produce substantial outcomes every quarter. Some of the predetermined deliverable options include:

  • Minimum Viable Products (MVP)

  • Published Articles

  • Patents

  • Mentorship

  • Technology Recommendations

Give us a nudge. We’d love to discuss your Center of Excellence aspirations today!