Blockchain For CXOs Workshop

The goal of this 1-day workshop is to give participants a comprehensive overview of the Blockchain technology and its potential applications in the business / enterprise context

About the Workshop

The goal of this 1-day workshop is to give participants a comprehensive overview of Blockchain technology and its potential applications in the business / enterprise context.

Who Should Attend?

  • This 1-day course will provide the fundamentals and a high-level understanding of Blockchain & DLT. The tools and the process involved in each of them and business level understanding with use cases of how these technologies are being used and implemented in real life scenarios.
  • This course is meant for CXOs and senior management who intend to start the Blockchain journey in their organizations.
  • To understand the technology and its implications to make intelligent technical and business decisions of deploying or using these methodologies in their areas to enhance existing process or capturing new business avenues.

Why Attend?

  • The Internet of Value. The Future of Money. The Trust Machine. A Universal Computer. Blockchain has been called many things by many people. It is a little like the fable of five blind men and the elephant.
  • Perhaps no one really understands what all blockchain can be and yet there is an excitement about the possibilities that it opens.
  • To some, it is reminiscent of the early days of the world wide web with grand visions of how it can change the world. The first application of blockchains was the bitcoin cryptocurrency.
  • Even though bitcoin is remarkable in what it has achieved, it is the underlying blockchain technology that has potential applications beyond currency.
  • The most ambitious applications are about re-imagining today’s economic & social institutions.
  • At its heart, what blockchain achieves is decentralized trust. Using some very innovative applications of cryptography and distributed computing, it allows nodes in a peer-to-peer network to achieve a consensus.
  • In monetary applications, this consensus is about the transactions that have taken place and are recorded in a distributed ledger. Placed in the larger context, however, money itself is just a tool in an accounting system of trust and reputation – the two pillars of modern social life. Thus, what blockchain enables is the opportunity to re-engineer social institutions.
  • We are, however, only at the beginning of this journey. Blockchain, as a technology presents both opportunity and challenges. For example, one of the key challenges is of being able to scale blockchain technology;
  • another one is to prevent misuse by antisocial elements. But the opportunities far outweigh the challenges, and the applications are limited only by one’s imagination.


This session will help participants answer the following questions:
  • How to evaluate whether your company needs a Blockchain strategy? If yes, how to get started?
  • Which aspect of Blockchains are useful in your enterprise? Smart Contracts? Token Economics? Cryptocurrencies?
  • What can you do today? In the future? – The expected roadmap of Blockchain evolution
  • What is the difference between Blockchains and Distributed Ledger Technology? Which one should you be focusing on?
  • Should you use a Public Blockchain or a Permissioned Blockchain?
  • What are the challenges that exist today to implement a successful Blockchain project?
  • What are the parameters you need to consider like resources, who should lead the Blockchain projects?
  • What are the key considerations in choosing blockchain technology: Privacy, Throughput, Maturity etc.
  • How does Blockchain intersect with other evolving technologies e.g., IoT, and ML/AI?
  • Insource vs Outsource strategies? What should you Build vs. Buy?